Foundation for Community

Our Family Health Services Foundation strengthens our communities by forming partnerships and raising money to make a difference in the health of the medically underserved. 

Funding received for the FHS Foundation is dedicated to assisting low-income, uninsured or underinsured patients across the Magic Valley to receive recommended health screenings, diagnostics, and/or minimal treatment that we do not offer in our clinics. These are services that save lives, but they can be cost-prohibitive for families facing financial vulnerability. 

Any support the Foundation receives creates a safety net of resources for the Magic Valley and leads to healthier, happier, and more productive members of our community.

Our Foundation is separate from the Family Health Services Corporation and does not receive Federal funding or assistance from non-profit organizations. There are many ways to give to the Foundation if you are interested in bridging the healthcare gap in our communities. See below for options.

Ways of Giving to the Foundation

Cash Support
Any amount is appreciated! Your tax deduction is equal to the amount you have donated with a record of receipt. We will provide proof of return so you can ensure that you receive the appropriate deductions. 

This is one of the most tax-efficient ways to continuously donate, and there are many advantages to this method of giving. Contact our CFO, Robert Agnew, to discuss the benefits of giving through stocks. To facilitate a gift of securities the donor (or transferring broker) should contact the Foundation directly prior to transfer at (208) 734-3312

Planned Giving
You can support the future of Family Health Services through a life income gift. This can be organized through a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust, or a charitable lead trust. This is a wonderful way to provide a future gift, and our CFO, Robert Agnew, can answer any questions you may have. Please contact him at (208) 734-3312. 

This is the most common form of deferred giving, and is included in a person’s will or revocable (living) trust. Bequests are a wonderful way to have an impact beyond your lifetime and to leave a meaningful legacy that will make a difference in our community for many years to come.

Life Income Gifts
Life income gifts benefit both the Foundation and the donor. Donors may receive tax and financial benefits by creating a life income gift—such as a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust—through which they can receive payments. 

Pooled Income Fund
These are creative ways for individuals to generate income while also giving smaller portions to charity. Through a fund, donors can “pool” together different securities and/or combine them with cash to create a larger amount of money to distribute to charity. Money is paid out to the donor and any other beneficiaries that have pooled together assets to the fund.

In-Kind Goods and Services
Donated goods, services, time/labor, use of facilities, and equipment are valuable gifts for our Foundation. We record the fair market value of each in-kind good and service as revenue, and the donor can take a tax deduction for it. If you are looking to partner and contribute goods and services to our projects, events, and community projects, contact our Foundation at (208) 751-2185. 

Our Foundation Board of Directors


Arnie Wehofer


Brandon Seals


Craig Kingsbury


Sara Bronson


Sharon Lee


Tom Reynolds

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