Discount Drug Program

Family Health Services participates in a government program that helps our patients save money on their medications and provides resources to strengthen healthcare in our community. 

Behavioral health directorParticipating in this program is easy. 

Pick up a 340B card at our front desk, and take it along with your prescription to one of our pharmacy partners. At the pharmacy, you can save up to 50% off the cost of your family's medications.

This program is open to insured and uninsured patients. 

Participating pharmacies:

Ridley's Pharmacy
705 East US Hwy 30
Buhl, ID 83644
Ridley's Pharmacy
1427 Main Street
Gooding, ID 83330
Ridley's Pharmacy
1016 South Lincoln
Jerome, ID 83338
Ridley's Pharmacy
310 Onieda
Rupert, ID 83350
Smith's Food and Drug
937 East Main St.
Burley, ID 83318
Smith's Food and Drug
1913 Addison Ave East
Twin Falls, ID 83301

Dick’s Pharmacy
526 Shoup Avenue
Twin Falls, ID  83301
(208) 734-7373

Buhl Drug
419 Broadway South
Buhl, ID  83316
(208) 543-5353

Kwik Meds
256 Overland
Burley, ID  83318
(208) 878-6337

Orchard Drug
995 Washington St. S.
Twin Falls, ID  83301
(208) 736-7060

Family Health Services
388 Martin St.
Twin Falls, ID  83301
(208) 732-1645

Jerome Drug
111 Pioneer Court
Jerome, ID  83338
(208) 324-2440

Walgreen's Pharmacies
Magic Valley - Southern, ID


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in this program?
Participating is easy. Just pick up your discount card at our reception desk, and take it — along with your prescription — to one of our participating pharmacies. 

To save money on your medications, you must have your prescription filled at a participating pharmacy.

How much will I save?
Your savings will vary on each prescription. But patients without health insurance coverage will save up to 50% off the cost of medications.

I have insurance coverage. How do I benefit?
We encourage patients with insurance coverage to take their prescriptions to a participating pharmacy.

When you pick up your prescription, if your medications are covered by your policy, you will pay your copay as you usually do. Although your costs will not change, Family Health Services will receive a financial benefit from your insurance company. This additional funding helps us provide care to the neediest families in our community.  

If your medications are not covered by your insurance, this program will reduce the cost of your prescription by up to 50%.

Can I share my discount card with other people?
No. Your drug card is for your use only. However, all patients who see their primary doctor at any one of Family Health Services locations are eligible to participate in the program and may obtain their own card.

Are all medications covered?
Most commonly prescribed drugs are included in this program. 

Where can I learn more about this government program?
Family Health Services is offering discount medications through the Federal 340B program. You may learn more about this program by visiting the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resource Services Administration website at

For more information, please contact us.