Andrew Thuernagle, DMD

General Dentistry


Lasting happiness can be achieved when we are true to our Faith, family, and ourselves. Life is best lived when we are surrounded by beloved family and friends. Peace has always been my companion when I have done my best and worked together with my team. Work-life balance is very important to me.

My wife and I have been married for 22 years, and we have had many adventures. My favorite adventure has been raising our 7 energetic children. Our busy lifestyle is filled with full-time involvement in church, sports, and community. We plan time as a family to go on long uncharted hikes, and we often get lost. We also water ski, snow ski, mountain bike, throw frisbees, target shoot, and eat good food. I am an amateur home mechanic taking on projects from rebuilding wrecked cars to lawnmowers and washing machine repairs.

I am looking forward to applying my dental ability to benefit the greater Twin Falls community at FHS. I am passionate about excellent dental care and I firmly believe that every patient who is willing to care for their oral health should have access to the best oral care available. I also value the long-term patient-doctor relationship and am eager to build those relationships with the community and team at FHS.