Brooke Fukuoka, DMD, FSCD

General Dentistry

Special Care Educational Background

I am a dentist who loves working with patients who have special healthcare needs. While in dental school at the University of Louisville, I completed an externship at the Lee Specialty Clinic where I trained under Dr. Henry Hood (one of the founding fathers of the American Academy of Developmental and Dentistry). My next educational endeavor was completing a hospital-based residency where, among other things, I learned to perform comprehensive dentistry under general anesthesia. Through the Special Olympics, I had the opportunity to train with the founder of Special Olympics Special Smiles, and Ms. Rosemary Kennedy’s dentist, Dr. Steve Pearlman. After many years of continuing education courses and a portfolio submission, I was awarded a fellowship in the Special Care Dentistry Association in 2019. After successfully completing a written and oral examination with the American Board of Special Care Dentistry, I was granted full Diplomate Status on April 29, 2023. This is the highest level of credentialing available in Special Care Dentistry in the United States. Organized dentistry has been a vital part of my career by enabling me to meet countless interdisciplinary mentors from around the world who have helped shape my practice of Special Care Dentistry.


My husband is the band director for the Jerome School district. We have four turtles and we enjoy playing games with our families, watching sitcoms and sumo wrestling, golfing, fishing, traveling, music and eating.

Why do you enjoy working for FHS

I enjoy my team and colleagues. FHS has great people. I am thankful that FHS supports the existence, development, and sharing of our innovative clinic and processes.