Jordan Sheffer, PharmD, PIC



I have been married since 2003 to my wife Becky.  We spent our first two years dating EVERY day!  Since having 5 kids (BBGBB), we’ve tried to keep our relationship fun and treasure the little time we have alone.  We love our kids to pieces and we’re proud of them.

We love kayaking and playing on the Snake River in the summer, and skiing down Pomerelle in the winter.  We are active in our church and community.  We love about every sport with a ball, and love to play card/board games.

I LOVE working for FHS because we make healthcare accessible to patients that are typically unable to receive great medical care. We have patients that tell us almost every time they come in how appreciative they are of our services. And of course, I love working for Aaron.  He gives us plenty of elbow room to run our pharmacies, provides us with the tools for success, and is always so stinkin’ cheerful.