Karrie Kondel, FNP

Family Medicine


As a native of Southern Idaho, I am happy to be back by family and the wonderful community I love. My husband, Jeff, and children, Abbie, Garrett, and Sawyer recently moved back from the Pacific Northwest and enjoy exploring the outdoors with our two Labradors, Loki and Odin. I especially love to seek out new places to travel, dance, hike, ski, and fish.

I enjoy volunteering as a mentor for the youth, helping them build self-confidence, interview techniques, and providing information on preventing drug and alcohol addiction and developing educational skills for their future. I consider my greatest accomplishment raising three wonderful children with my husband Jeff.

I am looking forward to establishing a new practice in a rural community where patients are often underserved. I am impressed that Family Health Services’ mission is to provide patient-centered care with excellence in quality, service, and access for all. I am to be excited to work with other professionals whose goals align with mine and are dedicated to better health and wellness for those we serve.