Noe Alonzo, LCSW

Specialty Behavioral Health


Loyola University of Chicago - Masters in Social Work


After over twenty years of working as a social worker, I was offered the opportunity to retire. After a couple of years of chasing after my hobbies and interests, I decided that it was time to return to an old passion. That passion is helping others. I came to the Twin Falls area as part of the interview process and found it physically beautiful. After two days here, I was struck by the kindness and friendliness of the people here. So yes, I did find the Twin Falls weather cold, but the people warm. I hope that I can be of service to the people of Twin Falls and I look forward to meeting you.

I am currently living on my own and the proud father of an adult daughter. She is now living on her own and working in her career as a paralegal. My extended family lives in south Texas. I have a sibling living in Illinois (where I grew up). The other two siblings have moved to Texas.

I have an interest in spirituality and religion. Social Justice is another interest, but feel that I have not done enough personally. At the ground level, I enjoy photography and travel. Music is another passion - simply listening to it at home is as far as that goes, but I would like to learn drumming.

I am looking forward to meeting the diverse people of the Twin Falls Area and my peers at work. I am interested in finding out the unique problems of the area and learning how I can help.

With close to 30 years of professional experience, I can only give an overview. I started as a bachelor-level social worker in Chicago. I started at Pilsen/Little Village Community Mental Health Center in 1991 as a counselor in a homeless shelter for families. I was later offered a position working in a program serving the severely mentally ill. Here I learned about psychosis and the people that suffered from that as well as community resources. After receiving my masters in 1996, I went on to work at what was then known as the West Side VA Hospital in Chicago. Here I continued working with the severely mentally population, but this time they were veterans with more resources. I eventually left the VA and moved to Texas in 1998. I joined the Army Reserve as well and completed three tours of duty as a social work officer. I was able to return to the VA during this time and was able to work with veterans with a deeper understanding this time around. During these appointments, I worked with victims of sexual assault in the Army as well as the command structure to address this issue. I also have worked with families and children suffering from the consequences of deployment. I also was able to work with those suffering from combat trauma as well as addictions. My time in the VA and the Army was very rewarding.

Professional Memberships

Silver Caduceus while in the Army

Latino Social Workers Organization-2000

Toastmasters International-2005.