Stephanie Hebert, LMFT

Specialty Behavioral Health


Utah State Unicersity


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Children 10 yrs and older, adolescents, adults and families. I have had training in multiple different modalities including, solution-focused therapy, play therapy, DBT, Equine Assisted Therapy, and CBT.


I have been a therapist for 8 years and I have worked in a variety of setting with a variety of different populations however my passion is helping kids and adolescents reach their full potential. I use interventions from guided play therapy, DBT, solution-focused, narrative therapy, and CBT depending on the age and needs of the child to help them overcome anything from behavioral issues at home and school to those suffering from trauma and chronic mood problems. I used a client-centered approach with my clients believing that they are the experts in their own lives and that with the clients’ help, I can help guide and build a plan of action that will help them achieve the goals that they come to therapy wanting to achieve.