Pharmacy & Drug Discount Program

Pharmacy Services & Drug Discount Program Available at Family Health Services

As a Federally Qualified Community Health Center, we benefit from the 340B government program that allows us to purchase pharmaceuticals at a lower rate and pass these savings along to our patients. Those who qualify for our sliding fee rates will receive a reduced rate on medications prescribed by a Family Health Services provider - including all medical, dental, and behavioral health providers.  

Many of our clinics have pharmacies located on-site so you can conveniently fill your prescription. All legal prescriptions are fillable at our pharmacies, including those written by providers who are not affiliated with FHS. However, these prescriptions will not qualify for the discount. We also carry over-the-counter medications so you don't have to make an additional stop on the way home.


Q1: Will I qualify for 340B Savings?

A1: This program is intended for our patients who are eligible for our sliding fee scale and are often uninsured or underinsured. If you do have insurance, we still invite you to fill your prescriptions in our pharmacies and pay your typical copay. Prescriptions that are not covered by your insurance may qualify for a reduced rate. However, although your costs may not change, we will receive a financial benefit from your insurance company. This funding helps us provide care to the families in our community who have the greatest need. 

Q2: Which medications are eligible?

A2: All prescriptions written by an FHS provider are eligible. You are welcome to fill medications prescribed by providers who are not affiliated with FHS, but they will not qualify for the 340B reduced rates. 

Q3: How much will I save?

A3: Savings vary depending on the cost of your prescribed medication, and the sliding fee rate that you qualify for. Some patients may save up to 50% on the cost of medications.

Q4: Can I share my discount card with other people?

A4: No - your drug card is for your use only. However, all patients who see their primary doctor at any one of our locations are eligible to participate in the program and may obtain their own card.

Q5: Are all medications covered?

A5: Many commonly prescribed drugs are included in this program.

Q6: Where can I learn more about this government program?

A6: Family Health Services is offering discount medications through the Federal 340B program. You may learn more about this program by visiting the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resource Services Administration website at

Local Pharmacies Offering 340B Discounted Prescriptions

 Medication can be expensive, we are here to help!

We recognize that you may need to fill your prescription at another local pharmacy, so we have partnered with numerous pharmacies across Southern Idaho to ensure that you can still benefit from the 340B Drug Discount Program. If you qualify for the program, any prescriptions ordered by an FHS provider will be eligible for the discount at all of the pharmacies listed below.

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