Jerome Advanced Delivery Dental Clinic

Dentistry for Adults who have Special Health Care Needs and Complex Medical Histories


Doors Opened
In 2022

About the Clinic

The Advanced Delivery Dental Clinic has been specially designed to accommodate adult patients who have special healthcare needs and complex medical histories. The clinic has unique technology and accessibility to eliminate navigation difficulties to help patients feel more comfortable as they move through the space.

The ADD Clinic celebrates neurodiversity and the team enjoys finding creative ways to work with their patients. Some of the inclusive features include adaptive hygiene tools, intra-oral cameras, a sensory room, and a special lift so patients can remain in their wheelchairs and be reclined during their dental treatment. The clinic's exam rooms also feature floor-to-ceiling photo murals of Southern Idaho that were captured by a patient.

This clinic welcomes patients who may otherwise struggle with access to routine and preventative dental care, and was made possible by the philanthropic support of numerous organizations, including a $300,000 donation from Delta Dental of Idaho and a $10,000 donation from both the Blue Lakes Rotary Club and the Keveren Foundation.


Oral Hygiene Sessions

Home hygiene is one of the most important factors in oral health, so we work with every single patient to overcome barriers and improve their home hygiene. Our Oral Hygiene Sessions help patients and caregivers assess risk factors and set goals to achieve their optimum oral health. We work with ALL abilities--even those who think it is impossible.

The time we spend with this is incredibly valuable, but it is an expense to the clinic. This type of service is not traditionally reimbursed by third party payers (including Medicaid). In order to provide this service, we have a $30.00 fee associated that is just enough to cover the cost of providing this service. We do not want the cost to prohibit people from this incredibly valuable service, so we have created the option for community members to sponsor an Oral Hygiene Session. 

If you are able to spare $30, you will make a significant difference in the overall health of our patients. We will ask for your address so we can send you a signed thank you letter from the patient you helped. 

Thank you to the sponsors who made this clinic possible!

The Blue Lakes Rotary Club has donated
$10,000 and sponsored over 300 sessions in our clinic. 

The Keveren Foundation

Contact & Hours

Dental Clinic Phone

Office (208) 737-6778
Fax (208) 933-4275

After-Hours Medical Advice
208-737-6778 option 3

Dental Clinic Hours

Monday - Wednesday | 8:00am – 6:30pm | Phones turn on at 7:00am
Thursday - Sunday | CLOSED