Twin Falls Behavioral Health Clinic


Doors Opened
In 2024

Twin Falls Behavioral Health Clinic


Doors Opened
In 2016

Behavioral Health Services Available

Mental Health Treatment 

  • Treatment for all ages
  • Individual, family, group and couples mental health counseling
  • Treatment for most behavioral health concerns, life stressors and diagnosis

    Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abstinence

    • Individual counseling
    • Custom treatment plans for patient's specific needs
    • Evidence-based modalities that are designed to support patients who don't need 24/7 care or detoxification
    • Collaborates with Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) therapy

    School-Based Mental Health Treatment 

    • Individual and group treatment provided by FHS on the school’s campus.
    • Strives to decrease the barriers that many students face.
    • Works alongside the school’s team to compliment the work they are currently doing to support students.

    Psychiatric Medication Mangement 

    Psychiatric nurse practitioners help patients whose current medications are not achieving the desired results for symptom management. They communicate with the patient and their primary care physician (PCP) to better understand medication needs and work on reaching symptom stability with medications.

    Care will be transferred back to PCP for ongoing medication management after stabilization has occurred.

    Community-Based Services

    Community-Based Rehabilitation

    • Designed for adults & children.
    • Focused on developing skills.
    • Provided in the community and/or home to help build and reinforce social, emotional and self-care skills to increase daily functioning and successfully handle stressful situations.

    Peer Support

    • Work with people who have been successful in the mental health and/or substance use recovery process.
    • Learn from their personal experience to help navigate the process of recovery.
    • Through shared understanding, respect and mutual empowerment, peer support workers help people stay engaged in the recovery process.

    Behavioral Health Services at Family Health Services

    Our goal is to help you live the healthiest life possible, which often requires attention to your mind and body. We will work with you to address your emotional, behavioral, and physiological needs so you can focus on your life.

    The Twin Falls Behavioral Health Clinic provides a comprehensive range of mental health, substance use, community-based support and medical services. We also collaborate with community partners and crisis response services to provide any additional support that you may need.