Eric Thomas, PharmD, PIC



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My wife, Michelle, and I have 3 kids and 1 grandkid. Michelle was born and raised in Alaska with her older brother and younger sister. Our oldest daughter, Devin, is 28 and lives in American Falls with her son, Elliott, who is 6. She works for ICCU in Chubbuck and enjoys going to concerts, dirt bike riding and drawing/painting. Our son, Ethan, is 16 and a Senior at Oakley High School. He is planning on going to ISU for nuclear engineering and enjoys drumming, snowboarding, gaming and spending time with his friends. Lauren is 15 and she is home-schooled. She loves horses, unicorns, driving the side by side, and chocolate like her dad. She has Lissencephaly which is a brain malformation that caused right-sided Cerebral Palsy, bi-lateral deafness, seizures and learning disabilities. She has cochlear implants to help her hear and a stubborn, independent streak that helps her thrive in spite of her conditions. She is a joy to be around and loves her family unconditionally.
I am thrilled to be working at Family Health Services. The ways that we help the community and connect with our patients are amazing. I look forward to getting to know my patients and co-workers and forming new friendships. One of my focuses as a health care professional is providing more awareness and education on mental health issues.