Matthew Grayson, RDH

Dental Hygienist


My wife, son, and I are like the Three Stooges; we like to pick on each other and have fun. We are excited to have a little bundle of joy on the way; my son is extremely excited to have a baby brother. We have lived in the Burley area for a few years and are looking to make it permanent.

I am a busybody and I like to fix problems, whether they be handyman, math, honey-do’s, or work.  I love being able to help someone with their habits, home care, or oral disease.
When a patient hugs me and tells me “Thank you”, it is awesome.

I love working for Family Health Services because of everything! I know that is vague, but it is true.  They have a patient-centered practice that is really reaching out and doing what is best for the patient. The work-family that you develop is wonderful.  Awesome family practice where all your needs can be met!